(1870-1924) - a Russian communist activist and dictator. He was born in Symbirsk on the Volga as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. From 1893, he was active in Marxist organizations, in 1895 he was arrested and then sent to Siberia. From 1900 he was in exile. In 1903 he broke up the Social Democratic Russian Workers' Party and created a Bolshevik party. During the revolution of 1905, he stayed in St. Petersburg; after the fall of the rebellion, he left Russia again. In April 1917, for German money and with the support of the Prussian government, he was sent to Russia to destabilize the political situation. He led to the outbreak of the October Revolution.

From November 1917 at the head of the Council of People's Commissars; the actual leader of the newly-created Soviet state. The creator of the Communist International (Comintern). He initiated the reign of terror. In 1922, he led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

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