(born February 2, 1933 in the Mandalay Province) - Burmese military and politician, in 1992-2011 chairman of the State Council for Peace and Development - the military junta ruling the country.

worked as a postal clerk, then in the armed forces. After a military coup in 1962, he continued his career and in 1985 he became the deputy minister of defense. After the bloody protests in 1988, became a member of the State Council for the Restoration of Order and Order, which is in fact the highest authority in the country. After the unexpected dismissal of Sawa Maunga, on April 23, 1992, he became chairman of the Council, head of state, minister of defense and commander of the armed forces. In 1997, the Council changed its name to the State Peace and Development Council.

In November 2010 the first general elections took place since 1990. On February 4, 2011, the parliament elected in them named Theina Sein the president of Myanmar.

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