b. September 13 or June 7, 1942 in SUTT, d. October 20, 2011, there ] - a Libyan colonel, politician and ideologist, in the years 1969-2011 he held authoritarian power as the leader of the revolution on September 1. In 1969 he carried out a coup in which he overthrew the monarchy. He proclaimed the creation of the "Libyan Arab Republic" and the power was taken by the Command Council of the Revolution. In 1970, he was designated as the prime minister and commander of the armed forces, he formally held these offices until 1972. At that time, he carried out the Islamization of rights and customs. He nationalized non-Arab property and western oil companies. He also liquidated American and British military bases. In 1977, the state changed its name to the "Great Arab Libyan People's Social and Social Jamahiriya". This change was the result of his ideological program contained in the so-called A green book in which he combined fundamentalist Islamic traditions with Arab socialism. In the years 1977-1979 he was the secretary general of the Universal People's Congress. In March 1979, he resigned from all state functions; in fact he exercised dictatorial power as so-called Leader of the September 1 revolution and superior of the armed forces. In international politics, he enthusiastically referred to the unification of the Arab world. The main goal of his policy was the liquidation of Israel. He maintained close relations with the Soviet Union. He led an aggressive policy and engaged in conflicts in Chad, Uganda and Sudan, among others. Funds for waging war were derived from the exploitation of oil fields. In the 1980s, he was accused by the West of sponsoring terrorism. After the attacks of American aviation, he eased his policy somewhat.

In 2011, he refused to give up power as a result of social protests. This led to the outbreak of a civil war. He died in a shooting between the insurgents and his faithful forces


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