Serbian economist (1888-1961). Created the fascist Yudoslav Radical Union in 1935. Appointed Prime Minister in 1935. Was inspired by Benito Mussolini and followed a pro-German foreign line. Despite being himself an Orthodox Christian, he tried to sign a concordate with the Holy See. He was replaced by the King in 1939 and interned in Mauritius during the Second World War. Then escaped to Argentine, when he founded a newspaper about economics, met Ante Pavelić, the former leader of the Ustashe Croatian fascist movement, and decided to work with him. This discredited him for most Serbians. He died in 1961 in Buenos Aires.

His government was a single-party regime following fascist lines. The Yugoslav Radical Union had a trade union (JUGORAS) and a paramilitary wing called the Greenshirts. They called him "Vođa" or Leader and clashed with the regime's opponents.

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