Manuel Gomes da Costa (1863 - 1929) Manuel Gomes da Costa was born on January 14, 1863, in Lisbon, Portugal. He had two siblings. He began his military career at Colegio Militar at age 10. On May 28, he and several other revolutionaries overthrew the Portugese government in the May 28 Coup d'etat, and they made Jose Mendes Cabecadas the new leader of Portugal and established the Estado Novo (New State) regime. However, he and his several others disliked Jose's government, (Jose had started to dislike the new government himself, even) and forced him to abdicate. After that, Manuel ascended to the throne on June 17, 1926, and became both the Prime Minister and President of Portugal, gaining dictatorial powers. However, his power did not last long. He had gained enemies very quickly, mainly Oscar Carmona. Manuel had tried to get Carmona removed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in retaliation, he and Joao Jose Sinel de Cordes staged a coup on July 9, 1926, and Manuel was ousted from power. He was then exiled from Portugal, however he returned in September, 1927, and was very ill. He passed at the age of 66 on December 17, 1929. He left three children.

General Gomes da Costa - Ilustração Portugueza (22Jul1918)
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