Lee Kuan Yew, (born September 16, 1923 in Singapore, died on March 23, 2015 there - Singaporean lawyer, politician, first prime minister of this country, 1959-1990 Co-founder (1954) ruling the Social Democratic Party of People's Action from 1959. Until 1992, her secretary general. A strong supporter of Singapore independence. In the years 1959-1963 (after obtaining autonomy), the Prime Minister and a member of the Singapore Security Council. After joining Singapore to the Malaysian Federation (1963-1965), the state prime minister. From 1965, the Prime Minister of the independent Republic of Singapore.

He issued a fight against clerical corruption and crime. The Corruption Corruption Research Bureau has been appointed and equipped with extensive competences. In foreign policy, he tried to oppose the expansion of communists.

After leaving the prime minister's office (1990), he was recognized as a "senior minister" (Senior Minister). He was a senior minister in the government of Goh Chok Tonga, and then a "minister mentor" in the government of his son Lee Hsien Loong.

He died on March 23, 2015 at the Singapore General Hospital in Singapore

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