b. 1912, d. 1994) - leader of North Korea, communist activist, marshal, father of Kim Jong Il.

In 1924, together with his father, he left for China. In 1931 he got into the communist party of China. In 1932, he began to act as a guerrilla against fascist Japanese rule in China and the North Sea. Korean. In 1934 he became the head of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. He spent the entire World War II in a small town away from the front. In 1945 he became the secretary general of the KP of Korea, and earlier he was a captain of the Red Army participating in the liberation of Korea. In the years 1949-1966 he presided over the Korean Labor Party. From 1948 to 1972 he was the prime minister of communist North Korea (in fact he created a fascist state). During the Korean War he commanded the army. After the war, he gained absolute power by creating a totalitarian state in North Korea. He introduced the official worship of his person as the Great Leader. In 1972, he resigned from being the prime minister to obtain the post of president. He died in 1994.

He created the Juche ideology, which isolated the state from the world and introduced the dictatorship.

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