Gamal Abdel Naser Hussein born January 15, 1918 at Bani Murr, d. September 28, 1970 in Cairo) - Egyptian officer and politician, Egyptian president, exercising authoritarian power, in 1954-1970. The creator of an ideological system based on socialist and pan-Arab concepts - naserism.

He graduated from the Royal Military Academy. He belonged to the leaders of the Organization of Free Officers, led the revolution in Egypt in 1952. Although General Muhammad Nagib was formally the head of the state, Naser de facto managed the work of Egypt's ruling Revolutionary Commanders, and in time he focused his own or his friends on the majority of influence in the country . In the autumn of 1954, he finally removed Nagib from power and took dictatorial rule with the enormous support of society.

During the rule of Nasser in Egypt, a social reform program aimed at building a socialist and egalitarian society was implemented. The agrarian reform was carried out and - in several stages - the nationalization of the largest private enterprises, the state began to play a leading role in the economy, education was promoted (guaranteeing employment to graduates of higher education institutions). The multi-party system was closed to create one party expressing the unity of all the Egyptians. In 1956 Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.

In foreign policy, Nasser abandoned the pro-American course shortly after the revolution and became associated with the USSR. He also performed against the state of Israel. In 1967 he launched a war with him, which ended in the defeat of Egypt and the allied Arab countries. After this event, the president resigned, but returned to office after mass demonstrations of support for his person. Nasser also sought to provide Egypt with leadership in the Arab world. He died of a heart attack in 1970. His successor to the office was the previous vice-president Anwar as Sadat, a companion of Nasser from the Free Officers organization, who during his reigns, however, abandoned most of the assumptions of naserism.

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